• Chauffeur service

    A professional behind the wheel.
  • Limousinen service

    Save transportation in Mercedes vehicles.
  • Sight Seeing & Touring

    Best views on cultural heritage and points of interest.
  • Individual Support

    Your personal assistant for everything that matters.

The Agency

Best limousine and bus service by multilingual chauffeurs.

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Chauffeur & Limousine service

First-class driving personnel, limousines and coaches for every occasion.

  • Chauffeur Service

    First rate driving personal for events, your car pool or even your own vehicle.

  • Limousine Service

    Driven in the most comfortable seats of a limousine, a luxury van or a bus with leather interior.

  • Airport Transfer

    From arrival to departure clients and luggage perfectly treated. capital drive’s smallest and shortest city tour.

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Sightseeing & touring

See cities like berlin and potsdam on four wheels. Day trips to Leipzig, Dresden and Sachsenhausen, a fascinating journey through past and present.

  • Berlin

    Cosmopolitan city with many faces

  • Potsdam

    Brandenburgs capital - Fascinating Castle and gardens

  • Leipzig

    More than 800 years of history invites you to come around

  • Dresden

    The capital of free state of saxonia - A day trip that pays off.

  • Sachsenhausen

    Conzentration camp Sachsenhausen - A guided tour through museum and historical site

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Capital Drive - Personal service

Individual Care

Your personal assistant for everything that matters.

  • VIP Treatment

    Your friendly contact for a pleasant stay. flexible and competent days and nights.

  • Medical Treatment

    Cover all your medical appointments relaxed and on time with capital drive’s service offers.

  • Transport Coordinator

    With capital drive’s transport coordinator you have complete control of your clients movements at any moment.

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